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Daily Broadcast - Term 2 2022

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Behind the scenes:

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Behind The Scenes

The Making of a Daily Broadcast

This year as part of our Digital Technologies Curriculum, Ara Tuakana students are working in teams to produce a daily morning broadcast. The project is student-led with the team setting up the studio, as well as editing the script and film daily.

The Purpose

The purpose of the Daily Broadcast is to highlight events or groups happening during the day so students benefit from the wide range of lunchtime programmes that the school offers. It also provides an opportunity for students to develop their knowledge of Te Reo Māori through the daily sharing of key words and phrases. Finally, the presenters celebrate key events in the calendar such as NZ Sign Language Week, Samoan Language Week or Arbour Day.

Technologies We Use

Green Screen Technology | Stop-motion Animation | Google Slides | iMovie | YouTube Creator Studio

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