Library at Arahoe

Arahoe Online Library

You and your children can now log on to our school library site from home to check your child's book loans, search, renew, reserve and much more. Follow the instructions on the right to log into our online library programme.

Logging in Online

1. Click on this link

2. Click on login (top right hand corner)

3. Enter User Name and Password

Username is student's first name and first letter of last name. Password is 6 digits and is date of birth)

E.g. Andy Brown - 12/06/06

Username: andyb 

Password: 120606

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the library open?

The library is open from 8.30am-3.00pm.  It is also open during lunchtimes (1:10 - 1:50pm).  During lunchtime children can read books, play games and other activities are also organised by our friendly student librarians. The library is closed at morning interval (11-11:30am) and afterschool (3pm)

How long are the children allowed their books for?

The loan period is 30 days.  Please encourage children to return or renew their books on time.

Is our library computerised? What do the children do to have book issued?

Yes, the library is computerised. Books and library cards are bar-coded, both are scanned to issue the book.  Books are issued during class library sessions and lunchtimes. 

If our child loves a book, series, author or topic, is it a help to tell you?

Yes, we encourage the children to let us know about their  recommendations, it helps to buy books that the children really enjoy.  Contact our friendly library staff at 

Does the library need parent help?

Parent help is always welcome, to help with book covering and mending.  Full training will be given.

Does each child have library card?

Yes they do.  A library card is issued when the child starts school. The library cards are bar-coded and are intended to last the 6 years the children are at Arahoe school. Library cards are kept in the library after use. Books can also be issued by the librarian without a library card.

Who is in charge of the library?

Mrs Patel, Miss P and student librarians. 

When should books be returned?

Books should be returned before 9.30am each morning.  They need to be placed in the return box located in the the library foyer.  Books are returned on the computer once a day in the mornings only. Please learn to return books before they become overdue.

Is the library a safe haven for new or scared children?

Yes, our library is a quiet, safe and calm space. There is also an adult on duty who can help a child with a problem at lunchtime. 

What do we do with the children's library card?

Children's library cards are kept in the library after books are issued. 

How many library books can a child borrow?

Year 0-2: 1 book

Year 3-6: 3 books (as long as the child does not have any overdue books)

What happens if my child loses or damages a book?

If a child loses a book, firstly check the classroom and library shelves as books are often hiding there.  If a book is damaged please don't attempt to repair the book at home.  Our fee for lost or damaged books is the replacement cost, an invoice will be sent home so you can replace the book.

Are children allowed to wear shoes in the library?

No, shoes should be neatly lined up in the library foyer before entering the library.  We want to keep the carpets clean as the children sit or lie on the floor to read books.