The Arts at Arahoe

Including Music (Singing), Music (Instruments) and Performing Arts

Music - Singing

APPA (Auckland Primary Principals Association) Choir (Tuesday lunchtimes)

Mrs Sadgrove auditions students in Term 1 who are keen to sing in the APPA Choir Festival which is held annually at the Town Hall in November. These students need to be able to sing in tune and hold their parts when singing in a massed choir. It is a very memorable experience for the children who are fortunate to be involved. They rehearse both at school on Tuesday lunchtime and out of school with the other ten schools involved. The children rehearse hard and are exposed to a variety of songs which can be challenging but also rewarding when learnt and sung with the other schools. It’s a great experience for any budding young vocalist who can look forward to performing at such an amazing venue as the Auckland City Town Hall.

Kool Kids Choir (Monday lunchtimes)

Mrs Sadgrove takes a Kool Kids Choir every Monday in the music room. These students come from the Ara Pakeke Syndicate (Years 3 - 4) and are very passionate about singing. Their enthusiasm is uplifting and they often have suggestions for songs they’d like to sing as well as create dance moves to enhance the songs. When the opportunities arise, the choir sings at assemblies, both syndicate and whole school.

Gospel Choir (Wednesdays, 8.30 am before school)

This choir will rehearse on Wednesday morning before school at 8.30 am and our rehearsals will last for 20 minutes. All children of all ages are welcome and there is no limit to the size of this choir! The songs will include old Negro spirituals e.g. Swing Low Sweet Chariot; Children's Praise songs, e.g. This Little Light of Mine; Inspirational songs e.g. You Raise Me Up. All children will need to have signed permission from their parents as this is an ongoing choir throughout the year and the songs will naturally have a Christian focus hence the name of the choir being called a Gospel Choir. If you would like to join, simply pop along and see Mrs Sadgrove in the Music Room.

Rest Home Choir (From Term 4)

Every year our Rest Home Choir visits two of our local rest homes in Term 4 to entertain our elderly residents. These include Crestwood Rest home on Golf Rd and Glenburn Rest home on Astley Ave, both of which are in walking distance. This usually happens around late November early December. Mrs Sadgrove conducts this choir and chooses students from Ara Pakeke and Ara Tuakana who enjoy singing and can hold a tune. They also tend to be children who have empathy with older people and want to share their joy of music with them. Rehearsals start in Term 4 and the song repertoire includes war medleys, some cultural songs and songs from the 50’s & 60's. We also include dance items from individual children as the residents enjoy the vitality of the young children. We could not do these visits without the wonderful support of our parents who accompany the choir as they walk to these local rest homes.

Christmas Choir (From Term 4, lunchtimes)

In Term 4, Mrs Sadgrove creates an all comers Christmas Choir with students from Ara Teina, Ara Pakeke and Ara Tuakana. They rehearse one lunch time per week. The children who haven’t been in choirs all year often enjoy participating in this choir. The repertoire includes Christmas carols and modern Christmas songs. It is a fun choir and often attracts children who love dressing up in the Christmas spirit to spread some Christmas cheer, especially on our Family Night when they perform to their whanau and friends.

Music - Instrumental

Arahoe School Band 2021 (Thursdays after-school)

Mr Matt Moncur, Miss Connolly and Mrs Sadgrove are the tutors working with our school band. These teachers all offer musical experience having performed in bands themselves as guitarists, keyboard players and vocalists. At the beginning of each year, auditions are held to find new members. The band rehearses every Thursday after school in the music room. The music they play is generally pop/rock chosen by both the teachers and students. The teachers try to find songs that feature individual instruments that are simple but still provide a challenge and appeal to the students. Our whole school assemblies start with our National Anthem which is led by the school band. They also perform at our annual Family Evening and Graduation which is held in Term 4.

Guitar Group (Wednesday lunchtimes)

Students from Years 3 - 6 can opt into the Wednesday lunchtime Guitar Group at the beginning of the year. Facilitated by Mr Moncur, the learning covers the basics of guitar including chords, strumming and an introduction to reading tablature. The content is predominantly student-driven, and these budding guitarists are encouraged to further their own learning at home through YouTube and by connecting with other musicians. As the group develops proficiency there are opportunities to perform and showcase songs at syndicate and whole-school assemblies. Members of this group often go on to audition for the guitarist roles in the school band.

Ukulele Groups (Monday lunchtimes)

There are two Monday lunchtime Ukulele Groups led by Mrs Dymock-Johnson and Mr Moncur. Students of all ages can join the groups at the beginning of each year, which cater for beginner to intermediate abilities. Ukulele is a great introduction to playing a stringed instrument, however students who love the light, bright sound of the ukulele will continue playing through to the end of their time at Arahoe. This year the groups are working towards participating alongside other schools in the Kiwileles massed children's ukulele orchestra in November. It is a great incentive to put in extra practice and get songs sounding polished.

Performing Arts

Arahoe School has a number of performing arts groups including Kapa Haka, Pasifika (dance), Bolly Hop, Mandarin Dance and Mandarin Drama.

For more information about these cultural performing arts, please visit our Cultural page here.