Languages at Arahoe

Our Asian Language Learning In Schools Program (ALLIS).

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In 2017 Arahoe School was awarded a 3-year grant by The Ministry of Education to support our school to strengthen existing, and set up new, Asian language learning programmes. Prior to 2017 we were already running Mandarin and Korean language classes involving 60 students in total. In 2017 we extended our Mandarin classes to Ara Pakeke students, and Mrs Angeline Tan began offering Mandarin language and cultural classes to Ara Tuakana students. Korean language classes continued with support from the Korean Education Centre, however, three more beginner classes were offered by Mr Limbrick and Mrs Corin Armstead. We have also added a Chinese Dance class and a Chinese Drama class.

Currently we have over 200 students across Years 3-6 learning either Korean or Mandarin languages.

Our current goal is to ensure that learning Asian languages at Arahoe School are sustainable by making sure there are pathways to continue this learning at our local contributing Intermediate and Secondary Schools.

Current Language Classes

Years 3-4 (Ara Pakeke)

    • Mandarin Language - Tuesday and Thursday (9 am - 12 pm) - 3 sessions per week
    • Mandarin Dance - Thursday (Lunchtime group)
    • Mandarin Drama - Thursday (12:45 pm - 1:45 pm)
    • Korean Language - Wednesday (2 pm - 3 pm) and Friday (12:45 pm - 1:45 pm) with Mrs Armstead

Year 5-6 (Ara Tuakana)

    • Korean Language - Tuesdays (3 sessions from 12 pm - 3pm) with a Tutor
    • Korean Language - Tuesdays (2pm - 3pm) with Mr Limbrick
    • Mandarin Language - These are scheduled (from 9 am - 3 pm) daily, 4 days per week with Ms Tan

Information for Parents

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