Our Vision:

Empowering our learners to access their future.

Empowering our learners to access their future.

Our Mission

To nurture and build each child's self esteem whilst encouraging and fostering a love of learning through the provision of a balanced high quality education, which will assist children to achieve their full potential.

We will achieve this by...

  • Recognising and responding to each child's needs.
  • Valuing the partnership between whanau, parents/caregivers and teachers.
  • Reflecting the cultures and values of our community.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Equity: Demonstrating integrity, fairness and justice in the provision of education.
  • Partnership: Commitment to meeting all stakeholders' expectations and aspirations through our chartered obligations.
  • Treaty of Waitangi: The historical foundation for our bi-cultural society.
  • Education: Commitment to providing the highest quality of education possible to our children.

Our Guiding Values

  • Relationships: Based on mutual respect and trust, accepting of differences.
  • Communication: that is honest, open, culturally appropriate and undertaken with integrity.
  • Accessibility: removing barriers, providing opportunities.
  • Community: engender a sense of belonging to and being part of our inclusive school community
  • Enterprise and Innovation: Using all our available resources to maximise the benefits for our children.
  • Diversity: of culture, interests and abilities.
  • Professionalism of Staff: Commitment to the craft of teaching, reflective, philosophically based, innovative, current teaching and learning theories reflected in practice.