Pre-Entry Visits

Once your enrolment form has been submitted in person to the school office and all documents have been verified, we will contact you regarding your pre-entry visits


Pre entry visits are a valuable way of introducing school life to your child.  Your child will become familiar with their teacher, other children in the class and the location of facilities.


You and your child will be invited for 3 pre-entry visits in the weeks before your child turns five. For those children starting in the first half of a term, the visits take place towards the end of the preceding term. For those children starting in the second half of a term, the visits take place in the first few weeks of that term.

Each visit will take place on a Tuesday between 9.15am-10.15am.


Our New Entrant space (Te Kōhanga) is situated in Room 22. Take a look at this map to see where that is in the school.

What Happens

Visit 1 – Children and parents involved in classroom learning

Visit 2 – Children in classroom learning while parents talk with teacher about teaching and learning at Arahoe

Visit 3 – Children in class while parents meet with Louis in another space to discuss the wider school (values, vision, community etc.)

Children are encouraged to participate in class routines. This is also a chance for your child to explore the Te Kōhanga space. They will also take part in learning activities. 

Visitor Guidelines