Lunchtime Groups

Lunchtime Groups 2019 at 28 Feb.pdf
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Lunchtime Groups at Arahoe

Arahoe School has a large number of exciting activities for students to participate in at lunchtimes. If you'd like to join a group, please see the teacher involved. The groups, along with their days/times and teachers in charge, are listed in the 4-page PDF opposite. A brief summary of our lunchtime activities include:

  • Cultural - e.g. Pasifika, Bollyhop, Mandarin Dance
  • Visual Arts - e.g. Art Group
  • Performing Arts - e.g. Ukulele, Guitar, Recorder, Various Singing & Choir Groups
  • Gardening Clubs - Syndicate Gardening Groups
  • Travelwise - Promoting road safety and sustainable transport
  • Wheels - Wheels on Wednesday, Unicycle Club
  • Thinking and Problem Solving Groups - e.g. Maker Space, Inquiring Minds
  • Sport - Inter-Zone Sport Trainings, Jump Jam Leaders
  • Languages - Beginners Spanish, Chinese Calligraphy & Art.