School Payments

School Donation 2018

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Donation Cost for 1 Child

$ 85.00




Donation Cost for Family





Loyalty Cards

Families who pay their school donation will receive a loyalty card. This allows you to access discounts on school uniforms, stationery, trips etc. Please contact the office for more information about this.

School Bank Details

Account Name: Arahoe School

Account Number: 12-3070-0098609-01

Bank and Branch Name: ASB Bank - New Lynn

So that we can match the payments to your child please include the following information on the right in the payment fields offered.

Particulars: Child's Name

Code: Child's Date of Birth eg. 25-06-96 (date-month-year)

Reference: Purpose of Payment eg. Camp/Donation/Trip

Payments through the Caregiver Portal

Some school payments can be made via the Caregiver Portal on The School Management System, The Edge. Over time more and more items for sale will be available for purchase through this site. If you would like more information on how to set up an account, log in and pay through this portal please click on this link.