Distance Learning Support Page

Kia ora Whanau,

The information below is to help troubleshoot common issues for the devices borrowed from school for the duration of the Level 4 Alert. At the bottom of the page is a option to submit a question if the steps below do not help. We will be able to respond to questions once Term 2 begins.

The devices loaned to whanau was part of our older fleet of Chrombooks and iPads, this means they can occasionally be slow to load and have older operating systems.

The Ministry of Education's digital service provider, Network4Learning is providing access for all whanau to their DNS, thereby providing students with the same online protections as they have at school.

Click on the "Switch on Safety" logo to navigate to their page with instructions for how to adjust your child's device settings.

iPad 2 Support

Set up an iPad

The iPad2 devices issued to families were restored to factory settings. The operating system will not update past iOS 9.6.5, this will limit the apps that you can use, however some (like Seesaw) will allow you to download earlier versions of the app.

Some of the settings on this video are designed for newer models, such as Siri, but most of the instructions are relevant.

Create an Apple ID

You will need an Apple ID to use the app store and download content on to the device for your child.

If you load a credit or debit card to pay for any apps, this information can be removed before you return the device by restoring the iPad to Factory Settings.

Force restart and iPad

This may be helpful if the iPad becomes slow or frozen.

Reset iPad back to Factory Settings

When you come to return the iPad you have borrowed, wipe the content, passwords and apps you have downloaded by restoring it to factory settings.

  1. Click on Settings App

  2. Click on General

  3. Click on Reset

  4. Click on Erase All Content and Settings

Chromebook Support

Chromebook Help Community

This is a support and advice forum for Chromebook users. You can post questions or search by your issue.

link to the Chromebook Help Community

Chromebook Simulator

This is a function from Google that takes you through the different functions available on a Chromebook. This is helpful for people trying to understand the different settings available.

Many settings on your child's Arahoe School google account are managed by the School Administrator, such as add apps or extensions. You will be unable to change these on the school account.

link to the simulator

Powerwash a Chromebook

This may be helpful if the Chromebook becomes slow or frozen. It will clear all the accounts and reset all settings. Because data is stored online with a Chromebook, no work will be lost when you powerwash.

A shortcut to powerwash if you are stuck on the sign-in screen is:

  1. Press and hold Ctrl + Alt + Shift + r.

  2. Select Restart.

  3. In the box that appears, select Powerwash Continue.

  4. Follow the steps that appear and sign in with your Google Account.

link to further support

Recovery Mode for a Chromebook

If you're having serious problems with your Chromebook, you can remove and reinstall the Chrome operating system (OS). You will need to work from another laptop and have a USB drive so you can download a replacement operating system to install on the Chromebook once it is in recovery mode.

link to Google support page for Recovering a Chromebook

Frequently Asked Questions

This is where we will list some of the common questions that parent submit. If you have a problem that the resources above can not solve, please submit your question in the Google form.

Q: There is now a password on the iPad, how do I remove it?

A: You can reset/restore an apple device that is locked by following these instructions. You will need a laptop or computer with iTunes downloaded, and your iTunes account and password.

To disable the passcode function on an iPad you can follow these instructions

Q: How do I clear the cache or cookies on the Chromebook?

A: Clearing the cache helps to protect your personal information and can sometimes help applications run more smoothly when they are beginning to glitch.

Clear the cache and cookies on Google Chrome by following these instructions