Arahoe School first opened with four classrooms in 1958 to provide for the growing urban population, between New Lynn and Green Bay. 

During the subsequent years our school has grown considerably and now has a student population of just over eight hundred. Arahoe School has always been a contributing school catering for students in the first six years of their schooling. Entry to the school is open to all students. While the majority of children enrolled are drawn from the areas immediately surrounding the school, a significant number do travel from outside our natural catchments areas to attend. The school draws from a diverse community who are incredibly supportive of their children and of the school.
As you traverse this website you will see that our school is fortunate to have many purpose-built facilities, such as our recently opened music centre, an e-learning suite for our five and six year olds, along with our fantastic libra
ry.  We also have a heated pool, which ensures that all of our 
students are involved in a swimming programme starting in November and running through until April. The school also has a SKIDZ operated before and after school programme, to assist parents. Our grounds are spacious with large, grassed playing areas, extensive hard-surfaced areas and three all-weather adventure playgrounds. All students have access to extensive IT resources to enhance their learning opportunities.

Of course, a school is much more than property. At the heart of the school are people. Our school community is a vibrant, dynamic and supportive one.  Examples of this can be found in our talented Board of Trustees (the governing authority of the school), Arahoe School Parent Support Group, our highly professional staff and that which makes us unique, our wonderful students.  I hope you enjoy browsing our website and ultimately, being part of the Arahoe School community. 

Richard Limbrick 
Principal, Arahoe School