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Student-Led Conferences at Arahoe

Research around student-led conferences

Research has shown that developing a student’s ability to talk about their progress and learning leads to greater student achievement. At Arahoe we believe the learning needs to be visible and students need to be able to articulate their progress and respond to questions like: How I am going? Where am I going? What is my next learning step?

Professor John Hattie (formerly University of Auckland) recently published a revised list of the most effective influences on student achievement which identifies student self-reporting as the most significant indicator linked to raised student achievement. Two other international researchers, Black & Wiliam (1998) further comment, “the process of students reflecting on their learning, through effective questioning that promotes the articulation of student thinking, and is integral to classroom assessment practices that enhance student learning”. If the focus is to be kept on learning, and the ownership of the learning with the child, then the best person to talk about the learning is the learner. Not only is the student the best person to tell their parents what they have learnt, but if we believe that students build their knowledge by communicating what they know, then providing an opportunity for the students to tell their family what they know can significantly assist with that learning (Absolum, 2006). Research also shows parental involvement in schools and classrooms has a positive impact on children’s learning (Bastiani & Epstein, 1988). In helping to strengthen the partnership between the learner, the teacher and the parent, we believe student led conferences promote some ways learning can also be supported at home. This is a key goal in the introduction of National Standards in New Zealand schools.

Important things to remember

Your child will run this conference—not you, not the teacher! Your child must be here. As part of their regular learning, all students have been putting considerable time and energy into preparing for this. If you cannot attend, please arrange for another significant adult in your child’s life to come to the conference.The conference is about showcasing your child’s learning through the key competencies and acknowledging their progress in reading, writing and maths and their goal for next year.

Follow up survey and further information

After you and your child have participated in the student led conference you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts about how you think it went and what can be done to improve it for next time. A link to a Google survey will be sent out for you to fill in. We appreciate your feedback!

If you would like to find out further information on Student Led Conferences please visit the site below.