Barbara Brann Programme

The Magic Caterpillar's Building Blocks to Literacy

The BBL programme is designed to target children, aged five, entering their first year of schooling. It incorporates a set of learning outcomes and skills to be covered within a full academic year. In developing the program, a framework of foundational skills, or building blocks, was constructed through task analysis of 36 sub-skills within 5 key domains: Talking (Oracy); Understanding Print; Listening (Auditory Skills); Looking (Visual Skills); and Moving (Motor Co-ordination and Handwriting). Most sub-skills have 12 stages of progression over 4 levels: Entry Level; Beginning Level; Skills level; and Application level. The belief being that all children will need to be competent and confident in all domains, at all levels, in order to reach their true potential at school. Children involved in the programme are monitored closely so that they can move successfully to the more formal aspects of Literacy and Numeracy learning.