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Theme 2020:

Kōrero Atu - Kōrero Mai

I speak to you - You speak to me

About Our Theme

2020 Theme: Kōrero Atu - Kōrero Mai | I speak to you - You speak to me

We are born to connect and to communicate. The words we say, the language we use has the potential to heal and to harm. However, in today’s fast evolving world have we lost the ability to speak and listen to each other, especially face-to-face. Talking and listening with others can often lead us to consider our own and others' perspectives, beliefs and values. The New Zealand Curriculum’s (NZC) vision for our young people is to be confident, connected, actively involved, life-long learners. If we taught our young people to be better communicators, could this lead toward realising this vision?

In 2020 Arahoe educators will look to develop a more connected curriculum, where learning is more organised around concepts relevant and meaningful to our students. The English curriculum will play a predominant part in supporting this year’s theme, assisting our students in becoming increasingly skilled and sophisticated speakers and listeners. Success in the English curriculum is also fundamental to success across the whole curriculum.

The NZ Curriculum principle of Inclusion will also be an area we will further develop this year. This principle seeks to ensure that all students’ identities, languages, abilities, and talents are recognised and affirmed and that their learning needs are addressed. Our young people want us to listen to and ask them about issues that affect them, therefore, giving our students a greater voice or a say ensures we are truly child-centered and that we value their contribution and input.

The table below shows how each syndicate will explore the 2020 theme over Term 1.

2020 Term 1 Topic Table for web.pdf

Term 1 - Topic Studies

The topic studies plans for each syndicate are outlined in the table (left). Topic studies are:

  • Ara Teina - Puppet Heroes
  • Ara Pakeke - Be The Change
  • Ara Tuakana - No Man Is An Island