Our Curriculum

2018 Theme: Treat Me

Arahoe leaders and educators have been looking at the learning environment at Arahoe school and asking ourselves; to what extent does culture count, as we know learners’ understandings form the basis of identity and learning. It is expected that our curriculum is culturally responsive and in this way the NZ Curriculums Principles of Cultural Diversity and Inclusion are realised. The principle of cultural diversity calls for schools and educators to affirm students’ different cultural identities, and incorporate their cultural contexts into teaching and learning programmes. Teaching for cultural diversity also involves helping students understand and respect diverse viewpoints, values, customs, and languages.

Arahoe’s Curriculum for 2018 is entitled Treat Me, therefore, one approach in creating a culturally responsive curriculum is to acknowledge and begin the year looking at the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi, and the bicultural foundations of Aotearoa New Zealand. In term one we begin with studies looking at how partnership with Maori and Maori world view have influenced our social relationships within whanau and with the environment, particularly our seas and oceans.

The table below shows how each syndicate will explore the principles of the treaty over the term. The Social Science learning area, in particular, will explore how NZ society works and how we can participate as critical, active, informed, and responsible citizens.


Term 1 Topic Tables for web.pdf