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Charter 2017

Charter 2017 Section 1 FINAL web.pdf

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the Arahoe School Charter 2017 - the Board of Trustee’s guiding document for our School. This Charter sets out the direction and priorities for Arahoe School over time, as well as identifying goals for the present.

The core focus of any school charter is achieving positive learning outcomes for our ākonga. These are represented as goals — both in government priority areas (such as numeracy and literacy), and for targeted student groups. Section 4 “National Education Standards” contains our learning outcomes focus. You will also find information on how we consult (Section 2), how we administer (Section 3) and how we plan strategically for the future (Section 5).

Whether your association with Arahoe is personal, or professional, it is my hope that reading this “living” document will better enable you to understand our school and our aspirations for our tamariki. We welcome participation from our community at all levels as we work together “to empower our learners to access their future.”

Richard Limbrick


Charter 2017 Section 2 FINAL web.pdf
Charter 2017 Section 3 FINAL web.pdf
Charter 2017 Section 4 FINAL web.pdf
Charter 2017 Section 5 FINAL.pdf