The Arahoe School Board

"A board’s primary objectives in governing a school are to ensure that:

  • every student at the school is able to attain their highest possible standard in educational achievement; and

  • the school is a physically and emotionally safe place for all students and staff; and

  • the school is inclusive of, and caters for, students with differing needs; and

  • the school gives effect to Te Tiriti o Waitangi."

from The Education Act 2020, S. 127

Purpose of a School Board

Every state and state-integrated school in New Zealand has a board. Boards bring families, communities and schools together to work towards a quality education for our children. The role of the school board is the governance and control of the management of the school. The board is the employer of all staff in the school and appoints a principal to provide the day to day management of the school. The Principal is required to comply with the board’s general policy directions but has discretion to manage the school on a day to day basis. The board focuses on the vision and policies for the school and is ultimately accountable for the school’s performance and compliance with legal requirements.

Board Members

Regan Solomon (Chair)

My wife Jesse and I have four children. Our eldest two attended Arahoe School and are now at college. Two of our other boys aged 6 and 10, attend Arahoe. As a trustee I want Arahoe to foster a love of learning amongst its pupils to ensure students who need additional support receive it, and that teachers are supported to excel in the class room.

Chrys Peleti

Amy Sexton

Anna Edlington

George Te Rangi Woolford

Julie Marra

Michelle Sadgrove (Staff Trustee)

Louis Heap (Principal)

What do the Board of Trustees do?

The school board has the overall responsibility for the governance of the school, including meeting certain legal obligations, responsibility for property, personnel, financial management, reporting to the Ministry and school community, and meeting national requirements set by the Ministry of Education.

The board sets direction through the school charter that the Principal and staff then put in place. It must also monitor and report annually on its progress towards these goals.

Board of Trustees Meetings

The Board meets once a month from February through to December. Meetings are open to the public however they are not public meetings where everyone has the right to speak. Speaking rights can be granted in advance by the Board Presiding Member. Sometimes parts of the meeting are closed to the public when the board is discussing confidential matters.

In a typical board meeting you may see

  • Setting of educational goals and strategic direction.

  • Reviewing and occasionally rewriting of policies.

  • Monitoring of how the school is progressing against its annual targets and how well students are achieving.

  • Decisions on how the school's funding will be spent.

  • Formulation and overseeing of the five year property plan.

How or why you might contact the Board

Any matters that concern the day to day management of the school (whether administrative or educational) should in the first instance be directed to the school management. If you do not believe the school management has adequately dealt with your issue you may then escalate this to the Board Presiding Member.

Contact details for the school office and all teachers are available on the Our Staff section on this website. If your concern is about a matter which you don't feel able to discuss directly with the teacher or is of a more general nature you can then contact the Team Leader of your child’s syndicate:

Or at any time please feel free to contact the Principal (Louis Heap).
If the issue concerns the Principal you can contact the Board Presiding Member. You may also wish to raise questions regarding school policies, these can also be raised with the Board Presiding Member at