Stationery Pack Prices
All stationery packs are available for purchase from the school office for 2018.  We ask that books are not covered as this supports our Eco Wise philosophy.  Teachers will label books.
  • Year 1 $30.00 (loyalty card) $35.00 (non cardholder)
  • Year 2 $30 (loyalty card) $35.00 (non cardholder) 
  • Year 3 $35.00 (loyalty card) $40.00 (non cardholder) 
  • Year 4 $35.00 (loyalty card) $40.00 (non cardholder) 
  • Year 5/6 $35.00 (loyalty card) $40.00 (non cardholder) 
  • Book Bag $7.00 each 

Payment for Stationery 
  • You are welcome to pay by eftpos, or direct internet banking to the school’s bank account.
  • Pack need to be either collected at the time of payment at the office or, alternatively, if you pay by direct bank payment, we will send the pack to your child's class at the beginning of the year.
  • Please ensure when paying online, that you reference the payment with your child’s name, room and teacher for 2017. 
  • Please note that the Loyalty Card Discount is $5.00 off every pack full price, when you pay your 2017 donation in full. If you are not, or have not paid your school donation, you must pay the full pack price before we can release the goods.
  • The prices are currently listed on our school website for your reference. Please contact us at the office if you need advice year.