Keep Connected

At Arahoe School we value communicating effectively with our parent community. Listed below are the ways for you stay connected and keep up to date with the different events happening at Arahoe and what is happening in your child's class.

School Website

On our school website you can access our events calendar, syndicate/class blogs and the communication centre (our school app online). Our website is updated regularly and is a good place for overall access to all the things happening around the school.

School App Notifications

If you have an Android, Windows or Apple Smart Phone you can download our very own Arahoe School App from the Google Play store or the Apple App Store.   You can use the app to receive alerts about events coming up, sign up for school emails, access the events calendar, send in absence notices and update your personal details. If you have any issues downloading or using the school app please contact

Seesaw and Blogs

At Arahoe we value the learning process our students work through, not just the end result.  To help record these amazing learning journeys we use an online digital portfolio programme called Seesaw.  All students have an account and your child's teacher will give you log in details so you can view your child's learning on this platform.  Each Ara Teina and Ara Pakeke class also have a Seesaw blog which they will communicate classroom notices. 

Paddle Up Newsletter

 Our newsletters are sent out in the middle and last week of each term.  You can receive them via our school app, an email, or pick up a paper copy from the school reception counter.  We use this form of communication to showcase some of the great things that have happened at Arahoe and share some of the big events coming up.  As this only happens once a term it is important that you use some of the other ways listed to stay in touch with what is happening weekly.

Email Notices

Sign up for email notices through our school app on your phone or through our communication centre on our website.  See instructions below on how to do this.

Step 1

Open the school bag app either on your phone or in the communication centre on the website and click on eForms.

Step 2

Click on Skoolmail Subscription Form

Step 3

Fill in your details.

First Name, Last Name, Email Address.

Step 4

Choose which categories you would like to receive emails for.