Our Curriculum


This year our school’s curriculum theme is built around the question: What keeps you going? The concept behind the theme is that of sustainability. Arahoe educators worked together and developed several, overarching concepts to go with this year's theme. 

It is important to learn about living sustainably because: 

  • We want to develop active citizens who strengthen and grow systems, processes and environments that lead to a guaranteed and productive future for our world. 
  • The future is our responsibility (cause and effect). 
  • It promotes thriving social, economic and environmental systems that involve us. 
  • If we want to survive as a species we need to develop ourselves, the total being (Hauora). 

The above concepts fit well with the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) vision statement and what it sets out to achieve for our young people. The NZC vision states that it wants young people who will seize the opportunities offered by new knowledge and technologies to secure a sustainable social, cultural, economic, and environmental future for our country.

Arahoe’s alignment with the NZC vision provides a rich, learning opportunity for teachers to explore with their students. Our Term 1 syndicate newsletter’s have discussed how the theme will be explored for each curriculum level (these are available on our school website). Below is a table which recaps how the theme will be developed in each syndicate for Term 1.

Term Overviews

 Term 3


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 Term 2


 Term 1